What Sally said about old Sally (General Discussion)

by firedog2, Thursday, February 13, 2020, 11:44PM (5 days ago)

I forgot to mention it a couple of days ago, but now that Bill brought up the wonderful grandmother Sally again -

Since she was my favorite character on B&B, I am glad the writers are saying here that she is still alive, but it really bothered me that young Sally said "I don't want her to know, I want her to stay on that South Sea Island flirting with the beach boys"

This is exactly the same way they have described her for the last 12 years, wouldn't the glorious, unpredictable old Sally be bored of this by now ?? They have reduced her to a 2 dimensional caricature.

Besides, the old Sally would have been "over the moon" by the huge success of her namesake and granddaughter the last several years after overcoming every obstacle, and would care the earth about what is happening to young Sally

If nothing else, old Sally was full of heart and adored her kids !!

Is more lazy writing by the usual suspects.

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