== Yikes (Spoilers)

by q, Thursday, February 13, 2020, 12:49PM (16 days ago) @ Chapchick

Wyatt will marry Sally out of sympathy, thinking her time is short.

A miraculous recovery will save Sally, thank goodness, but will leave Flo and Wyatt in a romantic quandary.

As much as I want Sally to tell Wyatt to kiss off, I'll enjoy seeing Flo lose Wyatt. Let Flo see how it feels to lose someone she loves.

Happy Valentine Day. Enjoy it! :love

Someone she loves? She sold his brother's baby, lied to his face and made a fool of him for 9 months. I see no sign of great love here. She loves his credit card that's it. Whatever

You're right. Maybe I should have said someone she's supposed to love. She didn't want to lose her néw found family status.

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