== Yikes (Spoilers)

by mutzi, Thursday, February 13, 2020, 12:02PM (16 days ago) @ poprox

Wyatt will marry Sally out of sympathy, thinking her time is short.

A miraculous recovery will save Sally, thank goodness, but will leave Flo and Wyatt in a romantic quandary.

I really liked Sally and Wyatt together, but now (if this is an accurate spoiler), I hope she tells him to stick his proposed marriage where the sun don't shine. Sally is more mature (to me) than the rest of the younger cast and I would love to see her paired with a returned Thorne. They could revive Spectra Fashions yet again and be a force to be reckoned with. I think CH would look great with IR, but I doubt he would come back to the show and I doubt Bell would want WH back. So, cure Sally, find a new Thorne, and just do it, Bell.

In fact, Stephanie and Bill Spencer Sr. always had a history, so have it turn out that Thorne is really a Spencer and let him fight Bill and Karen for SP. That might be worth seeing.

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