New tvguide spoilers, February 17-21 (Spoilers)

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They are from


  • Things get intense when Hope and Zoe overhear Liam sling accusations at Thomas.
  • Florence comforts Wyatt as he attempts to process the pain of Sally's illness.


  • Thomas sends an unwitting Douglas with an important message for Hope.
  • Liam attempts to get Zoe to see that Thomas is up to no good.


  • Hope comforts Douglas who fears that he will lose her as his mother.
  • Thomas decides to put his plan into full gear by hosting a dinner at the Forrester Mansion.


  • Brooke calls Thomas out for flaunting his relationship with Zoe to get to Hope.
  • Thomas makes a romantic proposal of marriage.


  • Zoe makes a public request of Thomas before she will consider saying yes.
  • Douglas makes an emotional plea to Hope before revealing a secret that he's been keeping.

Bell clearly said Thomas was going to find something special with Zoe and was going to be redeemed around this year. I sincerely hope he wasn't lying to us and this is going to happen soon. For now I don't see positive signs.

Hope will also look so awful if she contests Thomas and Zoe's wedding. What gives her the right to dictate his love life? She lost this right when she decided to annul her marriage. Just because she is co-parenting Douglas with him doesn't mean Douglas will lose her if Thomas gets married to someone else. Who writes this crap? And if she doesn't have feelings for the guy, nothing he does should get to her. Nothing.

I still hope Thomas ends up falling in love with Zoe. She is a much better person than Hope and would be a better step-mother to Douglas. She kept Reese's secret because he is her father and she didn't want to see him in jail, everyone would have done the same in her shoes. At least she hasn't deceived him to have sole custody of his son and hasn't left him for dead. She accepts him with his qualities and his flaws and wants him knowing he still has feelings for another woman. Even if Hope ends up with him, she is gonna cheat on him and abuse him, just like she did with every guys she has been with. If Thomas can't see how lucky he is, then he deserves to be miserable with Hope.

Zoe needs to go. She was insanely in love with Xander and followed him to another country to stalk him. Then Thomas gives her a compliment and then she is instantly in love with him. They are both crazy.

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