New tvguide spoilers, February 17-21 (Spoilers)

by Darling1911, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 11:56PM (6 days ago) @ Bold_Team70

They are from


  • Things get intense when Hope and Zoe overhear Liam sling accusations at Thomas.
  • Florence comforts Wyatt as he attempts to process the pain of Sally's illness.


  • Thomas sends an unwitting Douglas with an important message for Hope.
  • Liam attempts to get Zoe to see that Thomas is up to no good.


  • Hope comforts Douglas who fears that he will lose her as his mother.
  • Thomas decides to put his plan into full gear by hosting a dinner at the Forrester Mansion.


  • Brooke calls Thomas out for flaunting his relationship with Zoe to get to Hope.
  • Thomas makes a romantic proposal of marriage.


  • Zoe makes a public request of Thomas before she will consider saying yes.
  • Douglas makes an emotional plea to Hope before revealing a secret that he's been keeping.

Thanks for posting. The entire week is trash. Wyatt's pain? I don't give a fig about Flatt and thier fake sympathy.

This entire Hope/Thomas thing is stupid. Douglas feelings about his father marrying someone else shouldn't dictate ANYTHING Hope choses to do.

All this suspension of common sense just so Brooke can cry victim over her fool child?

It doesn't matter what Thomas is doing. If Hope has no feelings for him, she can just keep on trucking.

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