Sally's Illness - Spoiler Interview (Spoilers)

by Ozboldfan, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 9:19PM (6 days ago) @ naintednancy

Courtney Hope has just revealed Sally's ilnness WILL NOT BE NAMED

It will be named once she is dead or miraculously cured.

All that matters is she is dying and Wyatt will crawl back to her. And Sally will happily take him back even if she pretends she doesn't want his pity.

Then either Sally will die and everyone will be praising Flo :puke for the amazing sacrifice they made for Sally. Everyone will praise Wyatt for making Sally's dreams come true before her death. :roll

OR Sally will miraculously recover. And when she learns she is no longer dying. she will keep it from Wyatt (just like Caroline did with Thomas). And when Wyatt finds out, he can dump her for Flo again.

So predictable

IKR what ajoke

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