Courier Journal Spoiler (Spoilers)

by naintednancy, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 11:50AM (6 days ago) @ Mariposaa

Thomas and everyone at Forrester Creations threw Zoe a surprise birthday party.

Katie continued to share Sally's confidential medical diagnosis.

Carter offered Zoe a special gift.

Vinny called out Thomas for how his plan was affecting Douglas.

Katie made Wyatt promise to keep Sally's secret to himself.

Brooke found Thomas' birthday party for Zoe very suspicious.

Ridge made it clear to Brooke exactly what was keeping them apart.

Vinny pleaded with Thomas not to make the same mistake twice.

Flo welcomed Shauna back to her apartment.

Wyatt reached out to Sally.

Brooke encouraged Liam to make things right with Hope.

Zoe tried to connect with Douglas.

Wait to See: Thomas makes the ultimate sacrifice

Why are they just dragging this out. Just put thope and steam together. Let then get a run together then tear them apart when they see fit :roll

Guess Bell wants to milk it for as long as he can.

Putting Hope with Thomas now is way too soon. Either it's a tease and eventually Thomas will fall for Zoe and move on. Or they will drag it out for months, until Thomas has used a few more additional tricks and finally starts showing genuine signs of redemptions.

Still think Hope and Thomas will be together at some point but it's not for now or a near future.

As for Leffy I doubt they'll even get back together. If Liam wanted her, he would already share her bed and plan a future with her. Right now he's still trying to "protect" Hope (and now Zoe) from Thomas.

When Steffy tells Liam (or he learns from someone else) about her scheme with her brother and her lie, I doubt he will want to be with her.

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