Courier Journal Spoiler (Spoilers)

by Viola, Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 11:46AM (18 days ago) @ naintednancy

So, I guess Thomas will indeed propose to Zoe next week. I can already hear Brooke and Liam barking at him. Douglas rejecting her and whining he wants his father with mommy Hope. And Hope, who knows. In reality, she would be relieved the guy she supposedly hates so much is marrying someone else, and calmly explain to Douglas why she won't be with his father. But I bet she won't. roll

It's dumb.

Even if Thomas marries Zoe and it affects Douglas, Hope has no right to be mad.

They were married. Hope is the one who annulled the marriage and went back to Liam. And stayed with Liam after she and Thomas signed the adoption papers.

If Hope has a right to live/sleep with another man(and expect marriage from him) and expect Douglas to accept it, why can't Thomas do the same?

Does it mean Thomas should stay single for the rest of his life? Because if he finds another woman it will hurt Douglas? I don't think that's fair.

Thomas ia a creep for using Zoe and fake his feelings for her, but she is the only one who will have a right to be mad at him in the end.

Besides Hope KNOWS what Thomas is doing, from now on. He told her exactly how he feels and how she is his ultimate goal. She can't pretend she didn't see his scheme coming now. Not anymore.

Did Hope express her anger that Thomas is marrying Zoe or have I've missed something?

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