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by Drangonfly, Saturday, January 25, 2020, 11:20AM (23 days ago) @ mglass

liam will forgive steffy, the only thing orchestrated was the timing of the kiss but liam has already taken responsibility because he did kiss back, because of that, the timing is irrelevant

Really? The only thing? The timing is the most important thing. It was timed perfectly to blow up Hope and Liam's relationship. And Steffy doesn't seem to care whom she hurts. Liam has taken responsibility under false pretenses. He'd be furious if he knew Steffy manipulated him.

I think steffy cares
But she just loves that fool liam so much its blinding her
Shes is enjoying playing house with her baby daddy
Shes enjoying pretending her liam fam us intact
Sad yeah but im not gonna blame her
All the women stoop

She doesn't care enough to tell Liam the truth. She knows he's hurting and she knows how worried he is about Thomas. She also knows that Hope is devastated. Yet, she won't tell because Thomas will remind her what she stands to gain if she keeps the secret.

Liam doesnt seem to be hurting
Concerned and confused but not hurting.
I wish tom hadnt called and steffy just kissed liam

We haven't even seen Liam yet, since the scene at the cliff house. I'm sure he's hurting. And I'm sure he's still worried about Thomas stalking Hope.

The thing is, the reason Steffy won't tell him is because she knows he would go right to Hope and tell her what happened. So, if she keeps the secret, what does it all mean? She'll be with a guy that preferred to be with someone else.

"All she can think about is the well-being of these beautiful babies. It’s not about her at all. And she just wants what’s best for everyone involved.” - Annika Noelle on Hope

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