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by hopeyougogirl, Friday, January 24, 2020, 9:09PM (23 days ago) @ MsBold

liam will forgive steffy, the only thing orchestrated was the timing of the kiss but liam has already taken responsibility because he did kiss back, because of that, the timing is irrelevant

Really? The only thing? The timing is the most important thing. It was timed perfectly to blow up Hope and Liam's relationship. And Steffy doesn't seem to care whom she hurts. Liam has taken responsibility under false pretenses. He'd be furious if he knew Steffy manipulated him.

When has Liam ever been furious at Steffy or Hope? For more than 5 minutes?

Only time I remember Liam staying mad for more tham 5 minutes is when he found out Steffy slept with Bill. That.s how low she had to sink... And he still chose to forgive and go back to her a few months later.

She lied to him about Aly's death for days but he didn't blame her.

When he found her in bed with Wyatt, his wrath lasted about 3 seconds. He was going home to work it out with her the same day, before Quinn took him.

When he found out she locked Hope in the gondola and kept the secret for weeks, he blamed it all on Bill and stayed with Steffy. He returned to Hope but that was months later.

The same can be said for Hope. He caught her making out with Wyatt at the cabin the day before his wedding and he was furious for 5 minutes. When she was taking drugs and lying to him about it, he got over it pretty quickly.

She dumped him twice and married 2 other men on a whim and he still wanted her.

Liam always needs a scapegoat for everything. For years it was Bill. For years it was Quinn, now it's Thomas.

His 2 worshippers can't do anything wrong in his eyes. He may be upset Steffy didn't tell him sooner but then he will put all the blame on Thomas.

If they get back together, I don't see him leaving her simply because she witheld an information about that kiss. He will need another excuse.

Lol, Liam divorced/annulled Steffy THREE times. And he was never the one annulled Lope’s marriage. That’s all the proof I need to know who he gets mad at or upset with when lies/manipulations/secrets came out.

Proof? He doesn't care. He'll be mad for 5 minutes. Maybe he'll hold his breath.
And just in case anyone may think I'm favoring Steffy, he'll turn around and do the same to Hope next month. I can't fathom why Liam's approval is the brass ring.

Yes, enough proof for this viewer.:lol Once again, Leffy started out a lie/manipulation, ain’t gonna be pretty for Steffy when the secret is exposed.

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