Steffy is the Old Brooke (General Discussion)

by MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 7:21AM (28 days ago) @ EnuffAlready

Steffy is NOTHING LIKE BROOKE, she’s using her sexuality for revenge.

Brooke used hers for love and to generate money for the company.

Steffy uses sexuality as a weapon to get a company back and Brooke never did that.

Steffy is doing what kids in school do when they see their teacher give rules in the classroom and how to act.

Except there are kids who misinterpret the teachers actions and motivations and instead of them telling the class about the rules they yell the rules out loud, throw books at kids who don’t follow the rules and they do everything the TEACHER DID NOT DO in class but maybe their are similarities. Like maybe a lot of kids was talking and the teacher drops a heavy book on the desk as oppose to picking up a book and throwing it at a kid.

Well Brooke is like that teacher and Steffy is the ornery kid who thinks she’s acting like the teacher and she’s not.

Just bc Steffy mimic a few of Brooke’s so called moves doesn’t mean they’re alike bc Brooke originally didn’t start off like that but Steffy did.

Plus in the beginning BROOKE LOST MOST OF THE TIME. Who looses most of the time now??? Hope. Steffy wins most of the time like her mother Taylor who won in the beginning most of the time due to lies and plots that was ignored unless it was Brooke appearing to lie or be deceptive.

Bell doesn’t want his audiences to know he’s REWRITING THE SAME STORY PATTERNS so he’s lying saying Steffy and Brooke are the same and it’s not true.

He’s rewriting Brooke with a tinge of Caroline in Hope and he has the Hope character following Brooke and Caroline’s story patterns.

He’s rewriting Brooke,Taylor,a tinge of Old Stephanie in Steffy. That means she’s following their story arcs.

He’s rewriting a starry eyed Innocent looking Flo from how Brooke appeared in the beginning.

He’s rewriting Taylor in Shauna Fulton she even acts like Ridge’s shrink even though she’s just a Vegas Showgirl.

He’s rewriting Old Stephanie in Quinn.

He’s rewriting Sheila in a male version of Thomas and a tinge of Andy the rapist who raped Brooke.

Everyone is free to interpret the show as they see it; isn't that nice that we can? I wouldn't think of calling Bell a liar, but that's just me.

Seriously, how silly! :lol

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