Sally has a surprise for Wyatt - Spoiler pic (Spoilers)

by mutzi, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:57AM (6 days ago) @ Barbybo

She isn't pregnant and the illness is not a spumor.... It's a confirmed spoiler that Sally finds out she has an illness... She will open up to Katie about it...

Guess that's the "big twist" Bell was teasing in his preview for Wyatt-Sally-Flo.... He goes back to Flo and Sally is ill (possibly dying)...

I see it happening this way: Sally is dying, Wyatt and Sally marry when she is on her deathbed. Her last act is taking Wyatt's hand and placing it on Flo's hand. She tells them to have a happy life and she dies.

Oh Mutzi.....this would be puke worthy ..:drunk

Yes, it would be. But do you think B&B wouldn't do it?

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