If you HAD TO choose one of these 6 men for your daughter (General Discussion)

by mutzi, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:55AM (6 days ago) @ mutzi

Just some observations based on other posts:

1. Yes, Liam did commit some crimes. First, blackmail is a crime and can be prosecuted. (Some consider it a particularly heinous crime as it preys on the weaknesses or failings of others.) Trespassing into a building that was basically condemned and scheduled for demolition is also a crime. (Yes, he had his reasons, possibly moral ones, for doing so; but when you do the crime, you must expect to do the time. I know this from personal experience from my younger and and protest days.)

2. Ridge is a rapist and it doesn't matter how the show chooses to "play" it now. He had sex with Caroline when she was incapacitated with liquor and with Brooke when she was incapacitated with medication. That is rape, regardless of how B&B wants to cast it.

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