Please tell me Wyatt/Flo aren't the new Lope! (General Discussion)

by Lope2.0, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:45AM (6 days ago) @ q

I get vibes from Liam and Hope's history, when I see Flo and Wyatt togetger.... The Logan cousin with the other Spencer brother... Flo never got over him all these years, just like Hope never got over Liam, after years spent in EUrope.... And apparently, she is Wyatt's soulmate now...anyway he prefers her to Sally...

I have always liked Wyatt, but I HOPE Flatt aren't Bell's new golden couple and written as star-crossed lovers... Both characters look bad and their "high school sweethearts" BS isn't believable... I can see Shauna/Ridge and even Thomas/Hope happening, but Flo/Wyatt is the worst idea....

If Bell pairs them together, I hope they remain on the backburner as a happy couple and we hardly ever see them.... Otherwise, I'd rather see Wyatt with one of his exes (Sally, Steffy or even Katie)... And Flo should go after Bill... If they write a big love story for Flatt, I'm gonna hate every miutes of it...

Flo, as a character, is about as interesting as wallpaper paste. There's no depth to the character, no spark. She's so bland that she almost disappears into the woodwork. Are we, the viewers, to believe that this boring, insipid woman, is Wyatt's "Hope"? After being in relationships with women like Hope, Ivy, Steffy and Sally, is Wyatt really willing to settle for the woman who was complicit in the kidnapping and sale of his brother's baby girl? Who accepted $50K as payment? Who lied for months while watching Hope, her cousin, suffer in pain and misery? Has Wyatt become that shallow? Or that much of a jack*ss? If, as speculated, he dumps Sally (again)' and takes up with the Vegas Cupcake, what Wyatt has become is a joke. :drunk

Bravo Megs Mom. Can't see what anybody sees in that character. A blow up doll would have just as much personality.

I would never see Flo and Wyatt like Lope, but the OP has a point. Bell seems obsessed with Flo (sadly for us) has made it clear Wyatt wants her over Sally... and I can see him writing Wyatt&Flo as one of his favorite couples. I hope I'm wrong. Would rather see both characters off my screen, but I can't decide. :frown

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