Is there hope for Zoe and Thomas? (General Discussion)

by Vik., Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:26AM (6 days ago) @ hopeyougogirl

Not if Thomas is obsessed with Hope.

Yes, that's what I fear. Even if he finds love with Zoe, I doubt these writers would allow him to forget about Hope. It wouldn't shock me if he starts falling for Zoe and Hope disrupts his relationship. But I can hope. They just look great together, even if they don't last I hope we see more of them.

I don't believe Hope will disrupts his relationship with Zoe..she already indicated to him that she's happy he's "moving on".

I don't believe her. She told Steffy she was happy for Thomas and Zoe, but you could see her smile was forced. When Steffy left the office and Hope was alone, she was uncomfortable and had a weird look on her face.

Now that Hope is no longer with Liam, I don't think she will be happy Thomas is with someone else. The spoilers already indicate they will comfort each other soon. I would rather Thomas forgets all about her and happily moves on with Zoe. I hope this is the twist.

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