Please tell me Wyatt/Flo aren't the new Lope! (General Discussion)

by Ritz @, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:20AM (6 days ago) @ FataMorgana

Whiners Lope? Nah... I already see allot less whining
And as a Wyatt fan i do not need him to go back to useless woman. I still smh whenever i see it being suggested.
Can't be a fan in my eyes.

They have been trying to erase those relationships anyway, by hardly acknowledging them. Plus it seems like Bell is doing what i wanted :^^ Love Flyatt!

Love Flyatt too. ♥️ Hopefully, Bell has leaned some lessons with Lope, Hott, and Steam and writes Flyatt better!! I think he already messed up by having Wyatt propose to Sally though. That should not have happened.

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