If you HAD TO choose one of these 6 men for your daughter (General Discussion)

by Ritz @, Thursday, January 16, 2020, 11:16AM (6 days ago) @ EsterMD

First time I start a new thread here; but I wanted to ask this. Between Liam, Wyatt, Bill, Thomas, Ridge & Eric.
Who would it be???
On another site; some viewers were enumerating all the reasons why Liam is no prize. & this question came to my mind naturally. Is he worse than the 5 other options???
Let's take one character at a time.

1) Ridge: 2 times rapist (Caroline & Brooke). Had sex with a teenager (Morgan). Killed Shane & framed his brother Nick for it. Threw Bill off a balcony & attempted to throw him off a helicopter. Stole his son's first baby & robbed him of his first months with him. Bribed a judge to keep a father from his boy. Slept with his father's wife Brooke & with his brother's wife Nick. Waffled between woman for 32 years. Acknowledged womanizer & serial adulterer.
2) Bill: serial attempted murderer. Watched a pregnant woman fall off a cliff & left her to die. Pushed his own niece off a balcony. Dumped a guy off a helicopter & left him to die. Set a building on fire with people inside. Bribed doctors & prison directors, made a family think their child was dying. Completely abandonned his young son for months, & disowned & threatened his 2 adult sons. Abused & blackmailed his son's pregnant wife. Adulterer who got his SIL pregnant & gaslighted his wife; bounced back & forth between sisters for years.
3) Thomas: Child abuser who threatened his son. Caused the death of a young woman, set a house on fire & blew up a car. Attempted to kidnap a woman, kept a baby from her grieving mother for days or weeks, threatened to murder several people. Drugged a man & had sex with a drunk, passed out woman. Has no problem using & hurting, & sleeping with women if it helps him get what he wants.
4) Eric: Pushed a man off a balcony, shot another man in the stomach & tried to run over him with his car. Stole from & bribed companies for money. Blackmailed Ridge into dumping Katie for Brooke for a FC position. Waffled between women for 3 decades, Had an ongoing affair with Donna while married to Stephanie & pretty much cheated on all the women he has been with.
5) Wyatt Waffled & cheated the first opportunity he had in his life, without any manipulations needed. Cheated on both Sally & Flo. Pursued 4 different women in love with his brother. Used Nicole to discover a secret. Punch a few people. Lied & conspired with his mother to take Hope away from his brother. Stole a the HFTF diamond & lied to the police about it.
6) Liam: His worst wrongdoings Imo??? Pursuing a married woman (after he got kidnapped & raped). Cheating & Waffled between 2 women who are just as big cheaters & wafflers (& much bigger criminals) as him. Stole his brother's camper with Hope inside. Blackmailed his dad & taking over his company. Hit a robber with a golf club. Punched a few guys in the face. Leaving Ivy at Aly's memorial was (imo) the worst thing thing he has done.

I do not include Carter, Xander & Charlie , they are current character but not under contract.
Rick, Thorne, Nick... are long gone.
So based on the past & among these 6 guys; who's the "LESS BAD" option??? If there is none, then choose by default.

Wyatt. Btw, your post is biased against Wyatt to make him sound worse than he is. He did not lie and conspire with his mother to win Hope. He knew nothing about what his Mom was doing.

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