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by MsBold @, Below the Mason-Dixon line, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 11:45AM (33 days ago) @ Drangonfly

I have been watching the board criticize both Hope or Steffy. All had valid points. But in my opinion the real jerk and problem is Liam. He knows how much each woman loves him and he continues to hurt both because he can't stand to be alone. I think if he had his choice, it would be Hope but things keep happening and he always defaults to Steffy. I would really would love to see both women walk away from him, especially Steffy. It is totally unrealistic that Steffy would sit around and wait for Liam while watching him beg Hope for a future.

I've never had much use for Liam and most of my opinion is based on how he's flipped between Hope and Steffy for years. At his core, I think Liam is a weak man, unable to function very long without a woman to prop him up and stroke his fragile ego. However, in order for his behaviour to work like that, both women have to allow it and both do. It's never been realistic IMO. Both Hope and Steffy enable Liam to be a horse's backside to both of them. Viewers who dislike Hope have been having a field day lately vilifying Hope for her idiotic and unrealistic behaviour. However, now we have Steffy sliding back into her old manipulative and controlling habits. And why? Because of her obsession for a man who' treats her and Hope as interchangeable. :neutral

Steffy kissed Liam at her brother's urging, yes. But Liam left Hope. I don't see one kiss as sliding into her manipulative habits. I also don't see Steffy as a controlling person at all. She has been doing her own thing for so long. She told Hope to not divorce Liam. She stood up for her at times. How exactly is that manipulative and controlling? I see Hope more in that aspect than Steffy.

Sorry, but that whole performance by Steffy was orchestrated, instigated by Thomas, but Steffy went along with it. She knew when Hope arrived because Thomas called her cell phone. She kissed Liam so that Hope would see it, knowing full well how much that would hurt Hope. We even saw Steffy glance over to where Hope stood. That's manipulation, whichever way you look at it. And IMO, Liam left the cabin, he didn't leave Hope. He didn't pack his bags and move out. He stormed out in a hissy fit because Hope didn't immediately agree to his ultimatums. I find the whole ugly mess very disappointing because Steffy has been pretty mature for awhile now and seemed to have moved on from her behaviour of the past. Then sadly, she allows her nasty, vindictive kid brother to get inside her head and pull her back to that dark side of herself again.

Steffy may have done one thing, but that in no way makes up for the months of manipulations that Hope and even Brooke instigated on Tom in order to gain custody of his son. Steffy is not the fall guy for everything wrong with Hope and Liam. Hope did it to herself.

Steffy just hastened the inevitable, regardless of her being in the wrong currently.

Which is? Liam dumping her for Hope again?

I should have clarified. I was referring to Liam showing his rear again.

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