Help me understand Steffy (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 7:23AM (6 days ago) @ Lope2.0

You know I’m not a fan of this character, but I’m really trying to figure out what the writers are saying. It makes me cringe to watch her listen to Liam plead with Hope. Is that really OK for a contemporary, beautiful, rich business woman? Why does the show write Steffy as if she’s Liam second choice after Hope throws him away? I stopped rooting for Lope after Italian fiasco. Never rooted for Steam. Now, I hate all the couplings, but what I dislike more is watching a woman so desperate for a man. Why are they painting Steffy as so desperate?

It’s disgusting liam hanging at Steffys he’s certainly in no hurry to go after her....a little sun outside passing time ho hum he’s a jerk

So Liam is a disgusting jerk because he watched a movie with his daughter and spend the night on the couch with her.
.. but Steff happily tells him he is welcomed here, lies through her teeth, conspires with her brother, throws herself at a vulnerable man while pretending she is supporting him, manipulates him, willingly goes along with another person to sabotage his relationship, doesn't tell him Thomas is stil obsessed with Hope and doesn't tell him she set him up... but no blame? Nothing?
I completely, and totally disagree.

Liam should find a new run to place ..his brothers or dads.....I see Hope wasn’t thrilled he hung out there would any gal be thrilled..doubt it..he walked out on Hope runs there so dumb

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