Most Boring Episode (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 6:04AM (6 days ago) @ brill1
edited by Barbybo, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 6:08AM

Quinn her usual annoying babbling idiot. Where is Sheila? She will smack her around some more.
Flo's mom Sasha or Shauna what is her name? Another huge snoooooooze.
Only interesting character was Sally wondering what is happening to her and her hands?

Sally will die...they must need money for flo...they really should spend bucks on new men not women..I loved naughtie quinn ....I can’t figure out the shows getting stupid..budinski moms Brooke and quinn over and over....snooze stuff ..wyatt dumps sally for criminal please that’s just dumb...Denise is filming a movie so how much smooching ridge can we get..just let them have sex liven up this show..Brooke jealous of shauna ...hey Brooke went after married men glad she’s getting it back in her face ..

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