Sally speculation. (General Discussion)

by BuckyBoy, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 4:20AM (6 days ago) @ DDT

Or, she could be pregnant, but see the reemerging relationship between Wyatt and Flo, and decide to "go to Paris" - or wherever the not-so-rich folks in this show go when they're off screen - so as not to "trap" Wyatt if he doesn't really want her.

That would allow a graceful exit for Sally without having her die and allow the future possibility of a super cute red-headed child to turn up a few years from now to spice things up for Wyatt, whatever his circumstances happen to be in a few years.

Right? I mean I don't understand why they always have to kill all their characters. It's not shocking, it's disgusting. They bring in new characters, let the audience fall for them and then brutally kill them off in a year or two.
And if Sally dies, that's yet another young female character that they've killed.

With the departures of Justin, Pam and now possibly Sally, there are no likable characters left on this show. There is absolutely nobody to root for.

I wish they'd come to their senses and keep Sally on. A diagnose of Parkinson's is not a death sentence.
And if Courtney Hope is the one who wants to go, then have Sally move out of town, killing her is not the right way to go about it. It's just like with Aly - she didn't get to have a wedding or any offspring before she was killed off - no legacy for her whatsoever. I'm really mad and sick of the possibility of losing Sally as well.

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