Sally speculation. (General Discussion)

by ShirleyB#1, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 4:11AM (6 days ago) @ beachboy※

She should have pulled the trigger on Wyatt instead of Bill's portrait. I agree, I think they are going to write her off, all to make room for Flo Logan, the baby snatcher. Everyone will forgive Flo and Wyatt will run straight back to her, even if she literally helped Reese sell a stolen baby and lied from the very beginning. But Thomas, who hardly knew the truth for a week and had zilch to do with the baby swap, is so evil and unforgivable, and will get the ultimate lifetime punishment (stuck on a woman who left him to die in a vat of acid) Sally was likely too popular for Bell, he had to get rid of her to prop Flo Brooke and Hope.

maybe she gets sick and wyatt won't leave her.

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