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by FataMorgana, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 3:15AM (7 days ago) @ beachboy※

Yes, it was hardly a week. Thomas and Hope hardly changed their clothes 4 times, between the moment he learnt the truth and his honeymoon. After the 4th of July, Hope kept the same wardrobe for about 10 episodes in a row. In our time, it was like 5 weeks. In real time, it wasn't more than a handful of days. Techincally, he committed zero crime. He wasn't involved in the baby swap. Lying isn't a crime. Threatening someone is nothing on a soap. Both Liam and Bill threatened to kill Thomas while he was laying unconscious. It just boggles my mind that the woman who sold a stolen baby is going to get Wyatt and be forgiven. But a character who got dragged in her mess months later and kept his mouth shut is still seen as unforgivable.

Not that difficult to understand why.

Flo is not continuing to do anything shady after her release from jail. Thomas on the other hand clearly has not learned anything from daddy helping him stay out of jail.

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