Sally speculation. (General Discussion)

by NeeNee, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 10:30PM (7 days ago) @ Ozboldfan

So she’s reprimanded at work. Possibly fired. She’s about to be dumped by Wyatt. She then finds out she has an illness. What is the point of piling on all of this at once unless the actress is leaving? Or are they about to take Sally to a very dark place to justify her doing some messed up stuff to Flo and Wyatt? Because if this illness isn’t being written to kill her off I don’t see the purpose unless it’s to justify her hating Wyatt and wanting him to suffer. Just more to add to her I hate men bitter stance on life I remember her rocking when she came back this last time and had a gun on Wyatt. Thoughts?

I hope she is pregnant and ruins wyatt and flo's connection

That works for me :lol

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