The show never acknowledges Hope/Liam/Wyatt's history!!! (General Discussion)

by Ozboldfan, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 8:59PM (38 days ago) @ MegsMom

I only recall Hope dating both Liam and Wyatt for one length of time, but regardless, the show has said very little about Hope's relationship with Wyatt. They only briefly touched on the fact that she and Wyatt conceived, but lost a child while they were married. Wyatt met Hope during a rough patch she was having with Liam. And if I remember correctly, it was over Steffy. IMO, Wyatt was a novelty for Hope. A guy committed to just her, but down the road, Hope admitted that she'd used Wyatt to teach Liam how it felt to have a third person constantly in their relationship. Wyatt had Hope so high up on a pedestal, it should have given her nose bleeds. He treated her like gold, but it was never enough for Hope. I don't know why Bell treats their history like it never happened, but changing the show's story line history or character's history is no big deal for Bell. :neutral

it really is outrageous as it is a big slap in the face to all those that have watched throughout the years

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