Liam - Such a Jerk (General Discussion)

by Ozboldfan, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 8:53PM (34 days ago) @ Lope2.0

I have been watching the board criticize both Hope or Steffy. All had valid points. But in my opinion the real jerk and problem is Liam. He knows how much each woman loves him and he continues to hurt both because he can't stand to be alone. I think if he had his choice, it would be Hope but things keep happening and he always defaults to Steffy. I would really would love to see both women walk away from him, especially Steffy. It is totally unrealistic that Steffy would sit around and wait for Liam while watching him beg Hope for a future.

The biggests jerks in my opinion are the people conspiring together to sabotage his relationship, namely Steffy and Thomas. The biggest jerk is the woman who had to lie, scheme, manipulate, conspire, blackmail, bully, and destroy people's lives for years in order to get what she wants. Only to jump in the sack with his father, after years of lies and manipulations to land him. The biggest jerk is the person who hides a baby from his mother, runs a woman off the road, drug people, terrorize children to take a married grieving woman from her husband. Steffy and Thomas are both heartless jerks who hurt people intentionally and will go to any lenghts to get what they want, even if they know they are unwanted. So what? Liam spent the night with his daughter and watched a movie. He should have stopped the kiss sooner, I agree. If being weak and easily manipulated makes him a jerk, then I don't know how I'd call Steffy and Thomas. Devils? Satan?

why did he go and spend the night at steffy's??? he has wyatt and Bill's place to go to. Liam admitted he kissed steffy back. if he had pushed her away that is what Hope would have seen. Liam is the one to blame and thomas just exposed him

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