Tag teams who usually go against Logans (General Discussion)

by FataMorgana, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 7:45PM (7 days ago) @ BoldReason

Best Tag Team: Old Stephanie and Taylor
2nd Best: Bill and Steffy
3rd: Shauna and Quinn

4th Caroline and Old Stephanie
5th: Tawny and Amber
6th: Deacon and Amber

Sabotage and psychological unaware of what they’re doing or insensitivity chip tag team::
Best: Old Stephanie and Ridge
2nd Best: Taylor and Ridge
3rd: Thomas and Steffy
4th: Liam and Steffy

May I ask a question? Do you think that Brooke has any responsibility for certain actions that negatively impacted her and her children? For me, her treatment of Bridget was abusive and unnecessary.

And yet we are supposed to love the product of that mess :lol Talk about delusional.
If it were me, she would be the first person to disown in my family.

Shingeki no Kyojin - 進撃の巨人 - Attack On Titan

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