Tag teams who usually go against Logans (General Discussion)

by BoldReason, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 7:30PM (34 days ago) @ traditha

Best Tag Team: Old Stephanie and Taylor
2nd Best: Bill and Steffy
3rd: Shauna and Quinn

4th Caroline and Old Stephanie
5th: Tawny and Amber
6th: Deacon and Amber

Sabotage and psychological unaware of what they’re doing or insensitivity chip tag team::
Best: Old Stephanie and Ridge
2nd Best: Taylor and Ridge
3rd: Thomas and Steffy
4th: Liam and Steffy

May I ask a question? Do you think that Brooke has any responsibility for certain actions that negatively impacted her and her children? For me, her treatment of Bridget was abusive and unnecessary.

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