So the ultimatum was pointless (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 3:31PM (35 days ago) @ mglass

According to Liam...he still wants Hope. So, that means the ultimatum was a bluff.

Now, we have Steffy keeping many secrets!
- she knows Thomas is crazy and won't tell Liam that he's right. She also won't tell Ridge that Thomas has been playing them all.

- she won't come clean to Liam about the setup of the kiss....because she can't go against her nature and not be shady.
Oh poor deluded Steffy. Will she ever learn...probably not. If sleeping with her a couple months ago didn't have Liam panting after her...this kiss isn't about to do it now. LOL!!

It's hard to fathom why Steffy is doing this to herself. She's a beautiful, intelligent and successful young woman. She could have her pick of the litter in the LA dating pool. Why settle for a man she has to "win" by default? And that's exactly what she'd be getting if Liam turns to her after Hope kicks his backside out of the cabin. He proposed to Hope. He told Hope he loved her and wanted to marry her. Right in front of Steffy! Yet Steffy is willing to take the bonehead back? Why? How is there any joy, any integrity in snagging someone through lies, tricks and manipulation?:oops :neutral

She probably thinks no one will love Kelly like Liam.

It's not like Kelly will lose Liam. No more than Beth will because he's not together with Hope. Steffy doesn't need to put herself in such a position. In the past, perhaps she could fool herself about how she and Liam got together, but this time around, I don't know how it could have been more obvious which woman Liam was in love with. I really think Bell is doing Steffy a great disservice by writing her like this. :neutral

It’s so obvious that it’s not funny anymore..he slept with Steffy (drugged sex), yet he STILL wants Hope. He kissed Steffy, yet he STILL wants Hope. Steffy must be super dense..perhaps someone should run a giant billboard or a big neon sign..”Liam WANTS Hope, not Steffy” and show that to her. :drunk

Liam is saying that
But he sends very mixed messages
That kiss....he should have pulled away
But he didnt want to
He may want hope
But not 100%

Other than the kiss (that Steffy initiated) that he didn’t pull away, he hasn’t send mixed messages. He has NOT initiated any romantic moves on Steffy in a very very long time. Steffy KNOWS he’s been all about Hope, Hope, Hope.

For a while yes
But he is not all in for hope
Alot of issues

Looks to me, he is. Steffy just doesn't want to face the reality that he is still in love with Hope. And what couple doesn't have issues? They all do! Bridge is still currently dealing with their issues and not giving up.

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