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by Darling1911, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 2:41PM (38 days ago) @ GracieGirl

You know I’m not a fan of this character, but I’m really trying to figure out what the writers are saying. It makes me cringe to watch her listen to Liam plead with Hope. Is that really OK for a contemporary, beautiful, rich business woman? Why does the show write Steffy as if she’s Liam second choice after Hope throws him away? I stopped rooting for Lope after Italian fiasco. Never rooted for Steam. Now, I hate all the couplings, but what I dislike more is watching a woman so desperate for a man. Why are they painting Steffy as so desperate?

There is not one legitimate reason for Bold to throw 10 YEARS OF CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT away. None. There has been no build up or progress.

Steffy has been in MUCH more conflicted situations and not fallen back into 2010-2011 patterns of behavior.

-She didn't when Liam tore up thier annulment papers that she signed (something Hope STILL doesn't know about)
-She didn't when Liam asked her to run away with him after he was "stood up" in Italy by Hope.
-She didn't when she found out she was pregnant the first time around.
-She didn't when had the ONS with Bill. How easy would her life had been if she had just told Liam she slept with a random guy?
-She didn't in the two years of Lope dragging thier trauma and drama into her living room week after week.

She went through allll that...just to suddenly listen to Thomas NOW?

It's bad writing on Bell's part because the demos are tanking. He's throwing Steffy under the bus to get a boost.

The story was definitely changed....because you didn't see ANY indications of this in the 2020 preview.

Betcha Thomas' redemption has been nixed too and we can forget about Zomas.

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