Liam - Such a Jerk (General Discussion)

by BabyKelly, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 1:09PM (34 days ago) @ TMKBRC

I have been watching the board criticize both Hope or Steffy. All had valid points. But in my opinion the real jerk and problem is Liam. He knows how much each woman loves him and he continues to hurt both because he can't stand to be alone. I think if he had his choice, it would be Hope but things keep happening and he always defaults to Steffy. I would really would love to see both women walk away from him, especially Steffy. It is totally unrealistic that Steffy would sit around and wait for Liam while watching him beg Hope for a future.

I have been watching boards and I feel Liam is as criticized as Steffy and Hope, if not more. In my own opinion, the biggest problem is Hope since AN'Hope took over the show. I am not rehashing the old history and stuff that happened 10 years ago, it's pointless. Liam and Steffy were married, expecting a baby and trying to work things out, despite Steffy's night with Bill. Hope disrespected this marriage and made him think Steffy wanted Bill. She knew Liam wanted to be with Steffy but decided to fight tooth and nails for him. Then Bill manipulated, bullied and blackmailed Steffy for months and this is the main reason why they broke up. Steffy removed herself from the triangle and was supportive of Hope and Liam. She stayed away for 2 long years. As for Liam, he has treated Hope like a Queen until today. He forgave her for all her secrets and transgressions with Thomas. He took her back after she dumped him and married Thomas. He put his life in danger to save Hope and Beth from Thomas. Hope is completely ungrateful and unappreciative. She sides with Thomas over Liam, she is dishonest and expects him to be perfect. He makes one mistake in 2 years and she will run to Thomas' arms again. Both Liam and Steffy were patient and supportive but she is self-destructing.

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