Clip at the end - angst or temporary closure? (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 12:30PM (14 days ago) @ Drangonfly

The song at the end was "Hands of time", already used 3 times in 2014 for Hope and Liam.

I just wonder if that ending scene was just angst and a way to show they will get back together in a near future. Or if it is some kind of temporary closure!? I am NOT saying definitive closure, because we all know Hope and Liam will never be definitely over. For me "temporary closure" means they are done for a good amount of time. (minumum 6 months)

I know that when they played this song for them in 2014, they didn't get back together. The clip I posted happened after she married Wyatt, and we know what happened afterwards. She stayed with Wyatt, lost the baby and left.
They played a similar scene when Steffy caught Liam and Hope in the dressing room. Liam was at the cliff house, Steffy was in her car headed to Bill's office. They both had a few flashbacks with a song, and I saw it as closure for their relationship. They haven't been together since this episode aired.

So I wonder what this flashback scene was all about. Hope and Liam seem in a pretty bad place now. He made it clear he can not be with her if she doesn't cut all ties with Thomas, but she isn't willing to do that. Hope also made it clear she can not be with a man who loves 2 women, and Liam looked her in the eyes and said he loves Steffy.

Unless Liam suddenly changes his mind and accepts having Thomas and Douglas in his life with Hope, he can not be with Hope. Unless Hope changes her mind and accepts to forgive him and share him with Steffy, she can not be with Liam.

Even if the truth about Thomas setting her up comes out, I don't think it would change anything for them. Douglas and Thomas would still be in Hope's life and the fact that Liam kissed Steffy back and admits he loves her had nothing to do with Thomas. Even if Steffy tells Liam the truth and he runs to tell Hope, these issues would still exist. They are in an impasse.

Where do you think this is going? Are Hope and Liam just apart for a few weeks and they'll reunite once the "big secret" comes out and Thomas-Steffy are exposed? Or are they done for a good amount of time?

I don't know if they'll break up or not. But they're not in a bad place because of Douglas. That could have been worked out. In fact, Hope went to the cliff house to tell Liam that she wanted to work out a compromise so they could get married. The reason they're in a bad place is because of Steffy. Just as Hope said.

Agree. And I'm still not convinced that Lope are officially done..could be very temporary like last time. I still think Thope/Leffy are tease from Bell..don't think they will amount to anything substantial.

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