Clip at the end - angst or temporary closure? (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 12:00PM (14 days ago) @ IW

I have been watching this soap for 38 years & have seen it all! At this point in time, I think Liam should get his own home (a nice condo) & spend his days working with his dad. He can jet set around the world on the Spencer jet, working at the Spencer assets & meet new women & just visit with his daughters from time to time. He should leave both Steffy & Hope alone & let them find their on way!! :whistle

Liam leave Steffy alone? How is that even possible, knowing how desperate she is to be with him? Liam trusted her, he saw her as a friend and someone who was helping him keep her crazy brother away from Hope. And she betrayed him in the most heinous way, sabotaged his relationship with Hope and is keeping the secret from him. She is still obsessed with him and visitting him every weeks at Spencer. She is the one who needs to leave him alone.

No way he ran right over to Steffys after argument ...hey the waco even grubbed free there after he was gifted instead of renting liams a jerk

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