Help me understand Steffy (General Discussion)

by Drangonfly, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 11:22AM (12 days ago) @ GracieGirl

The character flaws for these characters are so wimpy. What happened to sexy sassy Steffy? She can grow and not be so wicked but where is her edge? Where is her fire?

It went out the window when she was paired with Liam. Liam would never be with someone who lies, manipulates, and blackmails people. So, they had to change who Steffy is in order to create the Steam pairing.

They did the Steffy character a real injustice, if you ask me. We don't need two young "good" girls. Hope is the good girl. They should have left Steffy as the young Brooke.

There is nothing wrong with a character being "bad". Brooke is bad. Really bad at times. But she has legions of fans who support her no matter what. They could have done that with Steffy. Kept her edgy but rootable.

I despise Steffy, because she's my favorite's nemesis. But I'm glad she's on the show. She's a VERY interesting character when she's written like this.

"All she can think about is the well-being of these beautiful babies. It’s not about her at all. And she just wants what’s best for everyone involved.” - Annika Noelle on Hope

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