Steffy is the Old Brooke (General Discussion)

by GracieGirl, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 9:00AM (14 days ago) @ KBlaze

Great analysis. There’s a difference though for me. Steffy doesn’t have a Stephanie to motivate her. Stephanie bullied Brooke and was physically abusive. She even set her up for rape. Nowadays, college men have gone to jail for letting other men into girl’s rooms, Two, Eric actively pursued Brooke. He offered to be her hero in the wake of rejection by Ridge and bullying by Stephanie. He became her knight in shining armor. It wasn’t a one night stand. They might have survived if Ridge had left her alone. Three, Steffy claims she didn’t loved Bill. She rejected him immediately. Steffy was never harassed by everyone for her relationship with Bill in fact most people defended her. Where I agree though is Brooke’s main problem is Ridge. Every bad move she’s made has been in reaction to hurt from Ridge. My issue with Steffy is that she’s willing to be Liam’s one night stand and stand there and watch him beg Hope to take him back. She doesn’t seem to care. Brooke never stood there and watched Ridge beg some woman to take him back and then welcome him with open arms.

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