Steffy is the Old Brooke (General Discussion)

by KBlaze, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 6:56AM (12 days ago)

If memory serves correctly Steffy has basically done all the things Brooke did when she was younger.

Brooke used to pine and chase Ridge for years. Show up in her lingerie or show up in the sauna steam room and try to seduce him. Conspired with Thorne to keep him from Caroline the original one and worked to keep him from Taylor.. Each time Ridge chose Caroline or Taylor back in the day...

Lest we forget she had an affair with Eric knowing he was the love of her mother's life and Ridge's dad, Steffy has been crucified for Bill. Oh then she cheated on Eric with Ridge..

One key difference is they allowed Brooke to have romances in between and some semblance of happiness during those times without Ridge.
If I remember correctly there was Grant, Dr. Warwick, Nick, Whip, Thorne twice, and Bill..

Even Taylor had opportunities to move on from Ridge when he was with others..

So why can't Steffy at least have a viable new romance..I mean we have plenty of people off the canvas, they can afford a new actor.

This triangle and angst is disgusting, old, and tire retread. I hated it with Brooke and Taylor. I have a feeling in a couple years they'll age the girls and have them fighting over a boy soon enough.

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