The show never acknowledges Hope/Liam/Wyatt's history!!! (General Discussion)

by Heather172, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 12:55AM (12 days ago) @ SonOfMan

Right... Hope danced back and forth between the brothers quite a few tines.... Cheated, mistreated and played them egainst each other... But somehow, she still blames these 2 years on Steffy...

As horrible as Liam is with Steffy and Hope, his feelings for both women seem genuine, and I don't think he enjoys being caught in the middle and hurting them.... Hope ADMITTED she was using Wyatt to punish Liam.... She ADMITTED she was enjoying the attention and the fight... She pitted them against each other, was watching them fight and was fully enjoying every minutes of it.... As for this kind of Steam kiss, she had plenty of similar ones behind a brother's back while committed or married to the other brother... My opinion, both Hope and Liam are trash (Steffy is too, I fully admit it) but Hope still wins the prize... She has cheated on all the men she has been with, played brothers ahainst each other and enjoyed it, and chased Liam the 3 times he was married to Steffy, ....


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