The show never acknowledges Hope/Liam/Wyatt's history!!! (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Monday, January 13, 2020, 11:09PM (15 days ago) @ SonOfMan

Now we are supposed to believe Hope moved to Europe because Liam was cheating on her with Steffy!!! NO! As I remember, it was Hope cheating on Liam with Wyatt! Steffy was also living in Europe when Hope left!!!!!

Hope's back back and forth between Liam and Wyatt went on for quite some time. 2 years maybe. That was about as long as Liam's between Steffy and Hope before Wyatt came in. If I remember correctly, Wyatt was only introduced a few weeks after Steffy lost her baby and moved to Europe.

Correct me if I'm wrong about the history.
First she was engaged to Liam after Steffy left. She got closer to Wyatt, until Quinn "manipulated" them. She ran directly to Wyatt and started a relationship with him. She found out Quinn manipulated her and started dating both brothers at the same time for a while. Liam gave her an ultimatum and she agreed to marry him, but Quinn "manipulated" her again. And again, she ran straight to Wyatt, only to find out about the manipulation. This is when she decided to stay with Wyatt for a while, until the pregnancy scare. She decided to date both brothers at the same time, once again. She chose Liam, and Quinn manipulated her again, this time she married Wyatt. She found out Quinn manipulated her and was going to reunite with Liam again. But she was pregnant and she stayed with Wyatt. She lost the baby, left Wyatt, told Liam good bye and left for Europe.

Hope had a huge connection with Wyatt and he was the main obstacle for Liam and Hope, during these 2 years! She was playing them and stringing them along. She decided Twice to date both brothers at the same time. Every times she was with Liam, she was pining for Wyatt and kissing him behind his back. And when she was with Wyatt, she was pining for Liam and cheating on Wyatt with Liam. She went back and forth 3 or 4 times and they both put up with it until the actress left the show.

Wyatt is still on the show and their history/back and forth/ marriage/baby is barely acknowledged in the dialogs. They pretend Hope was always pure and loyal and all about Liam, while Liam's indecision and Steffy were the only problem. When in fact, Wyatt (and Quinn) caused just as much damages. I liked Hope and Wyatt together, but Hope was cruel to him. He was all about her, and she treated him like dirt.

And now since Thomas is back, Steffy hasn't caused any complications for Hope. She left Liam for Thomas, she left Thomas for Liam, now she is leaving Liam again and I bet she bounes back to Thomas soon, and goes back to Liam later. This Liam/Steffy kiss came out of nowhere and was a drop in the ocean, compared to all the damages Thomas caused and the way Hope always falls for his manipulations. But according to Hope, Wyatt never existed and Thomas isn't a problem, it's all Steffy's fault!!!!!

Hope made a rash decescion jumped in sea with Wyatt and bedded him much for liam loyalty..

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