So the ultimatum was pointless (General Discussion)

by SonOfMan, Monday, January 13, 2020, 10:41PM (15 days ago) @ AmazingHope

According to Liam...he still wants Hope. So, that means the ultimatum was a bluff.

Now, we have Steffy keeping many secrets!
- she knows Thomas is crazy and won't tell Liam that he's right. She also won't tell Ridge that Thomas has been playing them all.

- she won't come clean to Liam about the setup of the kiss....because she can't go against her nature and not be shady.
Oh poor deluded Steffy. Will she ever learn...probably not. If sleeping with her a couple months ago didn't have Liam panting after her...this kiss isn't about to do it now. LOL!!

Steffy is definitely regressing.

I think she also needs memory lessons. Hope keeps blaming Steffy for all her problems when in fact she, Wyatt and Thomas are as much responsible. Steffy prefers to blame Thomas and Hope for everything, but she forgets the reason why she and Liam broke up in the first place: Bill!

BOTH Steffy and Liam need some new partners. But if she is really determined to win Liam back, keeping these secrets isnot going to help her!!!

As for Hope, as long as she defends Thomas and doesn't cut ties with him, her relationship with Liam will be doomed!!!

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