I would like to see Bold get an hour and Brooke break free (General Discussion)

by Barbybo, Monday, January 13, 2020, 8:00PM (9 days ago) @ GracieGirl

I’m disappointed with the over-emphasis on Thope, Douglas and Steffy and Liam. We need something else so that we see more than any one character dominating the landscape. No matter how good he is, there’s just too much of Thomas making a fool out of everyone. I dislike him and have lost all respect for the people he’s manipulating. I guess that makes him a great villain as you all say, but I need more variety. I think we need another family to blow some fresh air into the show. When Hope “falls into Thomas’ arms”. I’d like to see Brooke blow up at Hope and tell her how much she’s sacrificed to support her. I want Brooke to tell her you don’t have to stay with Liam, but the fact that she fell into the arms of the man who threatened people to keep Beth a secret will remain disgusting. I would like to see Brooke sell her home to this new family that’s in the entertainment business. Maybe this Stephen Spielberg like Executive Producer has three daughters. I want Brooke to buy a brand new upscale and lavishly decorated penthouse. I would like to see her hire decorators to come in and make it absolutely fabulous. I want Brooke to go through a spell of cutting herself off from the entire family and reconnect with old, old friends and new friends. I wouldn’t mind seeing Brooke take Sally under her wing and sponsor her as a designer. I’d like to see this mother-daughter type of relationship to develop between them. I accept that show is going to force Thope on us, but I would like to see one character channel me and say to hell with them all. I want to see Brooke in pain about this decision but to develop this stiff upper lip.

A hour of the Hope show would make me need a puke bucket

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