Here we go again. (General Discussion)

by q, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:51PM (4 days ago) @ mglass

More scheming to keep Hope and Liam apart. :oops

It's obvious that they are happy and that Liam is exactly where he wants to be. I know happy soap couples are the kiss of death on soaps and I know Lope need angst. But more scheming and manipulating to break them up so Steffy can have Liam? Really? Isn't it time for Steffy to move on? She's been stuck in this story for a decade now.

I find it amazing some think lope is going to last....:lol it’s liam, it’s a soap..:lol

Did anyone say they thought they would last? I say right in my post that happy couples are the kiss of death and they need angst.

Don't you find it sad though that Steffy would take Liam back? Especially seeing the Lope scenes today where they made it obvious that he's where he wants to be.

i think it is sad that both of the girls have continuously taken liam back sometimes even minutes or days after he has been with the other (or others) -
i dont think it is sad if steffy takes him back - i would rather she didnt but he is the love of her life and the father of her child -

I think it's sad he keeps taking them back.

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