Here we go again. (General Discussion)

by q, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:48PM (4 days ago) @ Drangonfly

More scheming to keep Hope and Liam apart. :oops

It's obvious that they are happy and that Liam is exactly where he wants to be. I know happy soap couples are the kiss of death on soaps and I know Lope need angst. But more scheming and manipulating to break them up so Steffy can have Liam? Really? Isn't it time for Steffy to move on? She's been stuck in this story for a decade now.

It shows where liam wants to be. Steffy is his backup plan. IMO, she just sits and waits for Hope to do something wrong. I really didnt think Steffy was ever strong, and she is really fine with being 2nd choice and half his heart. She is pathetic when it comes to Liam, IMO

I mean, when is she gonna get it? When she's sixty years old she'll still be waiting for Lope to break up so she can get him back? Such a waste.

did not watch yet - what did steffy do?

The show made a point of showing how happy Hope and Liam are. In the meantime, Thomas told Steffy that he was going to make it so that he gets Hope and Steffy gets Liam. He's obviously going to do some manipulating. You could see the wheels turning in his head while he was staring at the portrait of Liam and Steffy.

It remains to be seen if Steffy goes along with it. Today she told him that she would love it if Liam came back so that Kelly could wake up from her naps and see him there.

When Kelly wakes up from her naps she wouldn't see Liam. He'll be at work. Besides when Kelly wakes up from a nap she eats and then naps again.

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