Here we go again. (General Discussion)

by mglass, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:42PM (4 days ago) @ Drangonfly

More scheming to keep Hope and Liam apart. :oops

It's obvious that they are happy and that Liam is exactly where he wants to be. I know happy soap couples are the kiss of death on soaps and I know Lope need angst. But more scheming and manipulating to break them up so Steffy can have Liam? Really? Isn't it time for Steffy to move on? She's been stuck in this story for a decade now.

i think tom's main reason for scheming is to have hope - the sending liam steffy's way is a collateral result not the main plot

Well, today he straight up told her that it was part of the plan. I'm curious to see what her reaction will be. If she doesn't shoot it down, it's gonna be kind of sad.

again still have not watched but the recap said steffy tells tom he is delusional - that does not seem like she supports his scheming

I don't think she'll condone his scheming or that she'll be involved in it. But still, if Lope break up because of something Thomas does, and Steffy takes him's history repeating itself.

This show sure does reuse sls!

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