Thomas, Steffy and Shauna today (General Discussion)

by q, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:36PM (4 days ago) @ Barbybo

Two words come to mind, pitiful and pathetic. That’s how I see most of the characters. As much I despise Flo the portrayal of a pitiful sorry baby seller is beyond painful to watch. I can stand Shauna but who ever decided Brooke should call her the sl from Vegas was wrong! When Steffy said it she was wrong. The show labeled a woman for doing no more and often not as much as Ridge. It’s sexist. I don’t like Steffy, but openly pining for Liam is crazy. Even if the character is supposed to be in love with him still, she is supposed to be cool about it. Steffy had become boring worrying about Liam.

Nobody is more boreing than mommy Hope and the kid

Steffy and laundry.
Shauna worshipping Ridge.
Quinn getting goofy with Shauna.
Flo just being on screen.
Those are a few I find boring.

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