SOD spoilers week of December 16th (Spoilers)

by Soap-Passion, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:35PM (4 days ago) @ Drangonfly
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Liam and Steffy ask Zoe for help uncovering Thomas's motives.

Hope is stunned when she realizes that the romantic set up Thomas planned isn't for her.

does this seem to insinuate that hope will be jealous? wow

I doubt it. But in Thomas's warped mind he'll probably think it will make her be.

I don't know about "jealousy", but why would she feel stupefaction? If the only feelings she has for Thomas are contempt and digsust, her logical reaction to him moving on with someone else should be relief. She should be happy and relieved that he is finally done pursuing and tormenting her and that he has planned a romantic set up for another woman. Instead she is stunned. She wasn't stunned and didn't blink an eye when Wyatt, her ex-husband, moved on with Katie, Sally and Flo. Why now?

It is surely not random. I think Bell is slowly building Thomas/Hope. The setup and signs are there. I notice she is already deflecting when Liam belittles Thomas. I think she has forgiven him for Beth, and if she hasn't yet, she will soon. They are tied forever because of Douglas, and this is something Hope decided against Liam's wihes. It's going to take time, a lot of time. There will be more manipulations from Thomas, but to a smaller degree this time. Using Zoe is probably a part of his plan. The buildup will be slow and long. But I think Bell is getting there. Of course, it won't last and once the storyline ends, she'll end up with Liam again. He won't be a bigger threat than Wyatt, Bill or Quinn for Hope/Liam. He will succeed temporarily, and then everything will fall apart, as usual on soaps...

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