Thomas, Steffy and Shauna today (General Discussion)

by q, Wednesday, December 04, 2019, 6:29PM (4 days ago) @ rain4

This episode was so hard to watch, my bad. I'm no fan of these characters, but I feel sorry for their fans. The writing for them is so demeaning, when it comes to their love life.

Last month, Steffy asked Liam if it's possible for them to be a family again. Simply because he brought her Beth and put his hand on her knee, she concluded there might still be a chance for them. Liam turned her down and went home with Beth and Hope. 6 weeks later, here she is. Telling her brother she wishes Liam was still living at the cliff house with her and Kelly. He dumped her, married Hope, kept on pursuing Hope even after she annulled her marriage, rejected her offer... and that loser still thinks there is a chance for her. This is so embarrassing for Steffy.

As for Thomas, he is more obsessed with Hope than ever. It makes me laugh when he says he vows to become a better person. In the next scene, the usual creepy music is playing with Thomas vowing he will have Hope and his sister will have Liam. What is he up to this time? Apart from his lies and his manipulations, his self-respect is close to zero. His wife dumped him, moved back in with her ex, almost killed him and he is still plotting to get in her pants. Where are his limits?

Shauna has only known Ridge for 2 months and she is already daydreaming about a future with him. She knows he still loves his wife, she knows he has loved her for 3 decades, she knows the reasons why his marriage is ending, but she doesn't care. She will take him any way she can.

I also kind of feel bad for Wyatt. The guy keeps bed hopping between women who loves his brother, with always the same result. And he never learns anything. When Sally returned from New York, he knew she was still hung up on her exes and vulnerable. All he cared about was how to get her to bed as fast as possible. Not a good look either and I don't feel bad for him if she isn't over Liam.

I can never root for this kind of character. Steffy is always going to want Liam, even if she gets a new guy. It looks more and more like Thomas will never get over his obsession with Hope, and now Shauna is getting equally obsessed with Ridge. This kind of character looks more and more delusional, thirsty and desperate. No matter how many times they are dumped or rejected, they keep going back for more. Sad.

Shauna is already wondering if she can get used to living like that. Does the dumb arse know Ridge doesn't have a house? Maybe he still has the loft where they can live sexing ever after.

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