Top 10 daytime soap actresses from 2019 (General Discussion)

by hopeyougogirl, Monday, December 02, 2019, 10:20PM (5 days ago) @ Zaneygray

Saw this on facebook. I don't really watch other soaps other than b&b but thought some of you might be interested :-)

3 female actresses from b&b made the list, 1 honourable mention.

Never heard about this website before.

It seems to be similar to soapcentral and SoapHub.

Although I think SC and SoapHub are doing a better job with the way they represent themselves (their "about Us" - and they explaining about who is running it and about all people involved and what they are responsible for.

SoapHub at least has kinda a resume/explanation about the people writing for them. just gives out three names but they don't tell me anything (maybe they do for others here?):

"The organization is officially run by Michael Thomas! Our team of writers so far includes; Michael, Kenyan Smith and Victoria Harris. We are a trusted source. We were mentioned in well-known sources such as; People Magazine, TV Insider, Entertainment Weekly, SoapHub and more."

I prefer to know if it is a real magazine and people being paid for that (SID, SOD) or a webpage done by fans and for fans.
Telling me they are a trusted source and that they have been quoted by others like soap hub, isn't really telling me much. (but that just me).

But I know JMW, AN and KKL regularly make the top-5 in Soapindepths, and Heather Tom is an Emmy winner, so this list makes sense!

Thank you:)

Since they only list three people and I don't know anything about these three, I am a bit wary of their objectivity.

But they seem to have chosen fan faves (I don't watch the other soaps and don't have an opinion about their work for 2019).

As you noted above they have been mentioned by People Magazine, TV Insider and Entertainment Weekly. Those are very well known magazines and do give a significant credibility to the source. They have also been around since 2013.

I know the three magazines they refer to and so I would have preferred to get a screenshot of them mentioning that page or they giving quotes in which issues they have been mentioned
(mentioning the magazine and the exact dates), - and so making it possible for fans to check in what way/context the professional magazines have written about soapoperanews.

As I said - it is just my own impression/opinion - but they seem just to be the same as soapcentral or soap hub and from all three they make the least professional impression - they have the tiniest cast of employes/team (only mentioning three people) :
"The organization is officially run by Michael Thomas! Our team of writers so far includes; Michael, Kenyan Smith and Victoria Harris."

So can we assume that these 3 have done the rating based on their opinions?

"Like with all of our lists, this was a really tough one to compile. But, Soap Opera News sat down and assessed the year in review and we selected the top 10 female performers of the year. We took into consideration; airtime, material, quality of work, fan reaction and more. After carefully assessing and evaluating we came up with the following top 10. Please check it out and let us know who was your favorite. "

So the voice of THREE people is supposed to be an accurate or good representation of millions of soap viewers? Lol, I'm not a math genius, but this isn't making any sense to me.

So then it isn't a good representation of millions of soap viewers that AN made Performer of the Week just recently.

It's not..still doesn't change the fact it's the voice of THREE people..still doesn't represent the entire viewership made up of millions. An opinion is an opinion..just like some will agree or disagree that AN or JMW deserved the performer of the week.

To each their own.

I just preferred a source that I considered reputable or reliable (and not biased)..MY opinion, of course.

I think their credits speak for themselves, and as for unbiased, well AN has won several times for performer of the week, so I don't consider them to be biased. But that is MY opinion, of course.

That's fine..and I stand by MY opinion of what I think of this blog.

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