No matter how many buses you throw them under or hiding Beth (General Discussion)

by firedog2, Monday, December 02, 2019, 9:33PM (10 days ago) @ BoldReason
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Will never equate to kidnapping Beth, replacing her with a dead child, selling her for 250K, and threatening people to keep the secret. I know Thomas is not responsible for all of that, but I guess the recency of the Thomas accident is supposed to make me put the lame kidnapping story behind me Nope, I’m not buying it, and I don’t care if Bridge breaks up about it all. Ridge can have Shauna. Who cares. They deserve each other. Let’s bring back an unmarried Nick with Jack. Never thought I would say that because Brooke was an accidental donor, and I don’t think donors are responsible for the well-being of the children who have their DNA, but t’s a soap so it would make for a nice story.

How about this: it’s time to bring in a brand new family for the Bold and the Beautiful. The Logan family is technically done. How many more men can Brooke marry? How many more heart attacks or health scares can Katie have? How dumber can Donna get? It’s time to bring in a brand new family to interact with the Forrester‘s and the Spencers. You know what? I am even all for a new family of Logans! What if Brooke’s father Stephan had a second family full of younger Logan half siblings? That could be interesting! Maybe it’s time to grow up Will to a teenager so he could fall in love with a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Something has to give here. There needs to be brand new blood brought into the mix because the way things are it’s very very stale. It is obvious that Bell’s fixation on making a tragic heroine out of Hope has done nothing but hurt the ratings. He could’ve done anything with her but making her the perpetual victim it’s just not working! There was no reason not for Hope to have a pretty wedding (another one with Liam) bond with her beautiful child and give Half of the audience what it wanted — a happy ending to this torturous baby kidnapping affair. But no he had to drag it out again. It’s as if he doesn’t seem to get that his ideas stink and he has to force his ideas down the throats of the audience to make them to like it. What he needs to do is give up and restructure the relationships of the family foundations of the show and get back to the fashion business, intrigue, beautiful people,
glamour and “love in the afternoon“stuff.

And would be great if the new family brought in does not go crazy in the same ways as the Forresters, Marones, Logans, Spencers etc who all start lusting after each other's husbands or wives

Is a bit like Midsummer Night's Dream, but they never wake up, and not really funny

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