Spoiler pic for Pam and Douglas fans (Spoilers)

by naintednancy, Monday, December 02, 2019, 9:15PM (5 days ago) @ BBDownunder


Cute pic. Maybe Douglas should be raised by Pam and Thomas. :lol

Not a bad idea :lol

Except, he'll likely turn out to be the next generation of Forrester psycho obsessing over Lizzy or Beth. :lol

Liam and Caroline are cousins, so it makes Douglas and Beth cousins too. And Douglas and Lizzy would have the same name too. Not a good idea.

It wouldn't shock me if Douglas turns into a psycho, though. Soon you will see him plotting to kill Liam and scheming to ger his new parents together. Like father, like son! :lol

somebody killing Liam off? now that would really make Douglas my hero

:roll Never said it's what I want to see. Liam is one of my fav, actually. The soap wouldn't be the same without him.

I just saying it wouldn't shock me if Douglas turns on Liam. He will want his dad to be happy and have the family wants. Every child wants to see his parents together, look at Will and RJ. But Liam will stand in the way. Dougla likes him now but that could change fast.

And I'm sick of Thomas manipulating Douglas to get into Hope's pants. Douglas manipulating his parents would be a better twist.

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