Lord Help Me, but I Agree with Brooke (General Discussion)

by naintednancy, Monday, December 02, 2019, 7:51PM (5 days ago) @ takerkid

I never thought I'd see the day where I agreed with Brooke about ANYTHING but today it finally happened. She's absolutely right when she says Thomas is a monster and Shauna is taking advantage of the situation. Ridge refuses to open his eyes to either of these things particularly his son's predatory tendencies. I know father's want to the see the best in their kids but at what point do you stop denying reality and accept the fact the fact that your son is a dangerously unbalanced sexual predator who goes after emotionally vulnerable women. It's a hard pill t swallow but Ridge needs to get a big glass of water and take it like a man.

Ridge himself has raped 2 women. He sneaked in Caroline's bedroom, passed himself off as Thorne, had sex with his wife in the dark, while Thorne was making sandwitches on the ground floor.

He also got Brooke drunk and had sex with her, when she was with his other brother.

Thomas hasn't crossed that line yet. Caroline took pills, called Thomas and asked him to come over. He had no idea about the pills and except for her initial reaction when she woke up, she has always claimed that she had sex with him because she wanted it.

It will be hard for Ridge to acknowldge his son is a sexual preadtor who goes after vulnerable women, when he is actually 100x worse. LOL

More honestly, Ridge is just a father who loves his son and wants to believe he is getting better. Rick was also a dangerous psychopath but Brooke felt the same about him. What's the deal? Flo stole a baby, sold it for 50$ dollars and lied to everyone for 9 months, but her mother still thinks she walkers on water. All parents are the same.

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